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Nextage Quality Educational Advisor (Pvt) Ltd is one of the most experienced, innovative and Government registered leading study abroad & Immigration Services International Company(registered). Nextage Quality Educational Advisor (Pvt) Ltd has proven to be one of the most successful in terms of earning wide recognition and acceptance by the educational and corporate communities. It provides the people comprehensive information, detailed inquiries and effective consultancy. We are committed to dynamic growth and service excellence built upon our high degree of trust and professionalism. We feel pride in making efforts to position the company in the forefront of national arena. It also helps the general public to explore the opportunities and evaluate their chances of study abroad. It is, no doubt, an exemplary step in such age of quick and fast communication. We have the state of the art facilities for training of the candidates for recruitment in all the major occupations and fields of work around the World, truly experienced team to choose the right candidates for its client and a truly dedicated team of professionals working round the clock to make sure everything takes place in the most efficient manner.

China's universities fall under either the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education ,over ministries of the Central government, provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities or certain major cities. Universities and independent institutes are all institutions of higher learning on the same footing. The academic year of full time universities is separated into two semesters (A few have three).The first semesters begins in September and the second in February. Each semester has about 20 weeks and each week has six school days. In addition to mandatory winter and summer vacarions, every 1 January students have a day-off, and 1May (International Labor Day) and 1 October (National Day) students have 7-day holidays. Universities operate normally on other anniversaries and traditional fetes.

Airports : Hundereds of International and Domestic Aiports.
Trains : Have bullet train having speed of 350 km/hour.
Highways : Best highway system whivch connects all major and minor cities on china.
Culture : China has a history of over 4,000 years, and a culture that is as rich as the history is long.
Natural Wonders : As far as natural beauty goes, China goes bigger and more-varied and spectacular than any country in Asia (or the world if you count everything).
Architectural Feats : China's huge and numerous ancient and modern architectural feats exceed other countries for size and number, from the Great Wall, to canals, to pagodas, to palaces, to giant Buddhas; and in the present towers, dams, railways, bridges, tunnels, and many other feats of infrastructure.
Hiking : Hiking a World Wonder is only the second (or third!) coolest hiking trail in China.
Wonderful people : As the most populous nation in the world, China has plenty of people to meet. Chinese people generally love Westerners, so most are quite friendly.
Charming calligraphy : The ancient art of Chinese calligraphy cannot be fully appreciated without visiting China and seeing masters create their works of art in person. Even in the smallest shop, a true master can create amazing works of art.

To provide professional assistance & help students finding their career goals through overseas study opportunities and to provide an official link between international education providers and the prospective student community. Creating a work environment with the high-esteemed hallmark of honesty, courage, fair play and initiative-taking along with the teamwork of our people, and our ability to respond effectively to the positive and productive changes taking place in all aspects of life including communication, skills, technology and environment.

starsAdmissions are open for September 2023 Intake.
starsScholarships are available for PhD, Master's, and Bachelor's degree programs.
starsMBBS Admissions are now open for the September 2023 intake.

Nextage Quality Educational Advisors (Pvt) Ltd.

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