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Boasting of a history of 57 years, Changsha University of Science & Technology (CSUST) evolves into an engineering-centered multidisciplinary university, integrating engineering, science, management, economics, liberal arts and law, with a stronghold in undergraduate education and a capacity of post-doctoral science and research workstations, conferment of Doctor's Degree and recommendation of postgraduates for Master's Degree. It has been granted with "National Excellent Grassroots Party Organization" and "Hunan Provincial Model Unit of Civility".
The university is located on Jinpenling and Yuntang Campuses, with an area of 210.56 hectares and a total floor space of 1,170,000 square meters. The university has fixed assets totaling 2.4 billion yuan, among which the apparatus and equipment for teaching and research are valued at 300 million yuan. The university has a collection of more than 2,960,000 books, 3192 kinds of domestic and international periodicals and 4285GB EBooks. A gigabit backbone Networking system and part of the network core systems have been set up. Multimedia classrooms and language laboratories can seat 16,642 students. The playground covers an area of 213,700 square meters, including an indoor space of 34,500 square meters.
The overall education background, professional title, age and graduating schools are structurally reasonable and keep improving with a good momentum. The university is staffed with 1867 full-time teachers, among whom are 291 professors and 666 associate professors, 580 with PhD degree and 841 with master's degree. Five academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering hold concurrent posts in CSUST. Of the faculty, one is entitled "candidate for National Thousand Talents Plan", one "National Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions", one "National Expert with Outstanding Contributions", one "First and Second Level Candidate of the 'National Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand Talents Project'", three candidates for "New Century National Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand Talents Project", Three "Renowned Teachers of China", one "National Excellent Youth Fund", one "National Role Model of Professional Ethics", six "National Excellent Teachers", ten "New Century Excellent Talents Program of the Ministry of Education", one "Hunan Provincial Excellent Social Sciences Expert", eight candidates for "Hunan Provincial Hundred Talents Program", four chair professors of the "Lotus Scholars Program" in Hunan Province and two "Leading Talents for Science and Technology of Hunan Province". The university has 16 teaching schools (departments), 1 independent college and 1 continuance education college and enrolls students from 31 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) in China. It now has a registered full-time undergraduates of over 30,000 PhD and Master's degree candidates of around 4,700. It sets up 30 undergraduate majors, 2 post-doctoral workstations, 3 disciplines and 15 sub-disciplines for doctoral degrees, 20 disciplines and 105 sub-disciplines for master’s degrees, 7 professional degree authorizations. It is accredited to confer master’s degrees to those with equivalent academic attainments. The university has 27 natural sciences innovation platforms, such as national engineering laboratories, science and technology innovation teams, key laboratories at provincial or ministerial level and engineering research centers; 10 provincial philosophy and social sciences innovation platform, 11 key disciplines at provincial or ministerial level, 17 undergraduate teaching projects, such as national talents cultivation innovative pilot, teaching contingents, experiment (practice) teaching centers, disciplines with characteristics, elaborate courses and bilingual education demonstration courses.

In April 2003, the Ministry of Education and the Hunan Provincial People's Government, the former State College of Changsha Communications and Transportation Ministry of Changsha University of Electric Power of the former State Power Corporation merged to form Changsha University. In 9 October 2003, the school held a grand listing ceremony, since then, the school opened a new chapter in the development history. 
Changsha Communications University, formerly known as the Ministry of Changsha Harbor Engineering School, founded in January 1956. In the course of nearly 50 years of schooling, the school name changed several times, followed by: Hunan Shipping Engineering School, Hunan Province, flight school, Hunan Communications Institute, Hunan Provincial Transportation School, Changsha Transportation School. " Cultural Revolution " was once closed, in 1971 the school to resume, and changed its name to the Hunan Provincial Transportation School. In 1978 by the State Council approved the Changsha Institute of Transportation, became directly under the Ministry of Transportation of an undergraduate institution. In 2000, the school to implement the central and local to build, to the local management-based management system. 
Changsha University of Electric Power, formerly Ministry of Power Industry 1956 to build the beginning of Changsha hydroelectric school, In July 2001 original Hunan Province Hydro school, In May 2002 former Hunan Light Industry College were incorporated into the Changsha Institute of Electric Power. In nearly 50 years of school history, the school ten easy name, that is, Changsha hydroelectric school , Changsha Geological Drilling School , Changsha Hydroelectric Power School , Hunan Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower , Hunan Electric Power Institute , Changsha Water Conservancy and Electric Power School , Hunan Provincial Water Conservancy and Electric Power School , Hunan Electric Power School, in 1983 , based on the provincial secondary professional school established on the basis of Changsha Water Resources and Electric Power Teachers College, belongs to the Ministry of Electricity Department in 1994 , changed its name to Changsha Electric Power Institute, mainly by the power department. In January 1995, the College joined Central China Power Group, the implementation of Ministry of Power Group co-leader to power group based management system. In July 2001, and May 2002, Hunan Water Conservancy and Hydropower school has incorporated into the Hunan Light Industry College.

The university plays an active role in international exchanges and has established exchange and cooperation with institutions of higher learning and research institutes in a score of countries and regions including the USA, UK, France, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Japan and Australia. It has expanded cooperation of various kinds at different levels. It is accredited to enroll international students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. In the past years, more than 400 foreign teachers and experts have come to CUST for teaching and lectures. 500 staff members have been sent abroad for studies, international conferences, visits and lectures. 
The university is active in exploring international education and talent training modes, has jointly established Confucius Institute with the University of Liberia, and has cooperated with enterprises in training organized international students of bachelor’s degree. The university is one of ten Pilot “Training Bases of International Talents” granted by China Oversea-Education Scholars Development Foundation, and has sent more than 100 excellent students to study in France, UK, USA, Russia and South Korea in recent years.

Course duration is 4 years for B.E degree. Program offered by Changsha University Of Science & Technology are:
  Civil Engineering
  Mechanical Engineering 
  Electrical Engineering 
  Computer Science

"Erudition, Endeavor, Integrity, Initiative"
The university spirits of "Solidarity and Enterprise, Preciseness and Practicality" and the "Pavestone" spirits of "Down-to-earth, strenuous, dedicated and enterprising".

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