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Tellhow Group Scholarship for international students is established by Tellhow Group. Full  scholarships  covering  tuition, accommodation  and  fares will be granted  to 30 excellent international students this year.

Taihao, wisdom of urban planning and design, investment, construction, operation and development of integrated service providers. Company to “create intelligent technology, products and services to improve the quality of human life” for the mission, around the wisdom of urban construction needs, relying on intelligent building, energy and other aspects of the rich industry experience, from the wisdom of the city master plan, wisdom building, wisdom Energy, intelligent park, wisdom airport, data center construction and other fields, for the construction of China’s smart city services. The company is a member of China Wisdom City Development Research Center Enterprise Joint Group, vice president of China Energy Conservation Association unit, China Construction Industry Association Intelligent Building Branch vice president of units, with electronic and intelligent engineering contractor Yiji, construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering contract Erji, intelligent building system design class A, information systems integration Yiji, secret class A and other special qualifications.

Over the years, Taihao and Mitsui, Panasonic, ABB, National Information Center, Tsinghua University, China Civil Aviation University, Honeywell, Tencent, Huawei and many other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and research institutes to achieve long-term strategic cooperation, City Hall, the National Museum, the Shanghai World Expo Center, the National Convention Center, Shenzhen Airport T3 terminal and other major projects, to participate in the Beijing city sub-center intelligent city top plan, Hunan Xiangtan new smart city PPP project, Shijiazhuang energy Emission reduction monitoring and management platform, Xinyu city energy and environmental monitoring platform and other intelligent city demonstration projects, has become the wisdom of China to promote the construction of the city, to provide “to promote people’s livelihood, security, environmental protection,” the professional technical support and services To protect the industry pioneer.

Nationalities acceptable :
Preferable Nationalities | Pakistan , Bangladesh , Africa , Russia , Kazakhstan , Uzbekistan & others.
Note : 
Female students will be on top priority. 

Relying on the background of Tellhow group industrial advantages, students in the internship in Tellhow group will obtain a qualification certificate.
Certificates include S/A/B/C/D five levels which means the highest level is S and the lowest level is D.
The graduates who get B grade and above can be promised to sign the employment agreement with the Tellhow Corporation.

Jiangxi Tellhow Animation Vocational College (College Code: 14168) is originally founded by Tellhow Group. Located at the picturesque Xianghu Xincheng District in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, the campus covers an area of more than 1,000 acres. It boasts 350 full-time faculty members and 8,000 registered students on campus. As one of the model colleges integrated of production, teaching and research, our college aims to establish the first-class innovative university across the country. We strive to focus on the practical teaching and the cultivation of students’ abilities, through the combination of professional learning and internship, so as to achieve the personnel training goal of “knowledge + skills”.

JTAVC Program : Objective 
This program is for international students who are interested in international economy and trade, electronic commerce, animation design, hospitality management, electromechanical engineering, game production and Chinese language. JTAVC is a best & Modern college offering HSSC in China or A Levels in China. It aims to develop international students with experiential knowledge and practical ability. Through this program, international students are able to improve knowledge-integrating ability and decision-making ability.

Education & Internship : 

Students are required to complete the required credits, the results and college degree can be recognized by the ministry of education. At the same time, “one-stop service for higher education” for the majority of students, co-operational universities include Tsinghua University, Beijing University of International Business and Economics, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Nanchang University, Nanchang Hangkong University, Jiangxi Normal University of science and technology. Through the project learning, the students can obtain the undergraduate diploma.

College students with comprehensive professional knowledge, strong adaptability and practical ability, proactive team spirit and strong sense of innovation, truly meet the needs of the work. They are widely welcomed by enterprises and can increase Reputation of communities. According to the statistics, recent several consecutive years of employment rate was more than 98% with prosperous future.


  • Class Teaching: Considering the situation of international students, the programs adopts lectures, case studies, speeches, tutoring and other forms of flexible and diverse teaching methods;
  • Internship Activities: To enhance international students understanding of the knowledge in class, the program provides regular arrangement for students to work in Tellhow corporation in different cities in China;
  • Cultural Experience: In addition to the internship in Tellhow corporation, the college program also plans arrangements and study tours for the students to go out to many Chinese cultural activities in Nanchang and other cities in China;
  • Degree Granted: Program participants who acquire 145 credits including core courses, preparatory language courses and Internship.

Academic structure & Teaching Language : Majors available:  ( Junior college students: 3 years )

International Economy and Trade (Direction of Cross Border E-commerce),
Electronic Commerce, Animation Design, Hospitality Management, Electro-mechanical Engineering, Game Production.
Language program and professional visiting students: 6 months

To apply for these scholarships please fill our apply online registration form, once recieve we will contact you, You can also contact on our provided numbers but by first filling the registration form your seat will be researved.
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starsScholarships are available for PhD, Master's, and Bachelor's degree programs.
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Scholarship ProgramTuition FeeHostel FeeAir TicketMonthly Allowance 1st YearMonthly Allowance 2nd & 3rd Year
International Economy and Trade
(Direction of Cross Border E-commerce)
Free Free Free 800 RMB 1000 RMB

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