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Nextage Quality Educational Advisors was established in 2012. Nextage Quality Educational Advisors is the most prestigious name of unshakable trust in Foreign Education and career counseling Consultancy in Pakistan, African Continent, Middle East, South Africa, India, Bangladesh, Switzerland. Nextage Quality Educational Advisors is primarily established to help students to gain access to Career programs in China from all over the world but now it's working for many institutes from all over the world. It is one stop solution for all international education needs of the students who are planning to go abroad for higher education. It is a registered company with its head office in Pakistan and is officially representing many institutes. In very short time we have make our name in the market and our work ability and our satisfied service is proving of our goodness. We have served the needs of hundreds of students seeking education abroad. Our clients have generally been highly successful in achieving their professional and educational goals in almost every country of world. Nextage Quality Educational Advisors is a modern educational organization with international collaboration which offers new avenues by providing education counseling to students and professionals. We are exploring maximum possibilities of practical partnerships across this wide spectrum who will share our values and objectives on a mutual basis in order to provide the student community with organized, helpful and professional services. We recognize the power of a great idea and the value in its execution.
To broaden the scope of Foreign Education worldwide.
To provide in-depth solutions to all the individuals regarding Foreign Education and the subjects related to it.
To prove to be the finest and the most authentic Foreign Education firm and to conduct business responsibly in a straightforward and refined way.
To benefit the Students and Professionals, for the fulfillment of our commitment to the society.
To create a work environment, which motivates, recognizes, and rewards achievements at all levels.


Pre Departure

  Complete Admission Procedure.
  JW202 Approval from MOE & Security Beaurue.
  Visa File preparation
  Helping the students during their application procedure in China Embassy.
  Helping in booking cheaper airtickets.

Post Arrival

  Airport / Railway Station Pickup in China.
  Accomodation arrangment in university hostels.
  Helping students for registration in university.
  Helping students for opening Bank Accounts.
  Take students arround university campus and city.

Welcome to Nextage Quality Educational Advisors I would like to thank you for interest in Nextage Quality Educational Advisors. It is my pleasure to introduce you all to Nextage Quality Educational Advisors, as one of the most innovative and leading foreign education consultancy firm in the Pakistan and other countries.
We provide honest & professional counseling to students desirous of studying abroad. Our main responsibility is to give information to the students for their education abroad:
We strive our best to fulfill students dream of studying abroad by providing them with competitive fees structure and quality education programs. We have best of overseas Institutes to enroll with and make a successful career by having an international degree & diploma.
We assist students getting admission in our represented institutes, accommodation and travel arrangements. However, our greatest strength is how we help them to prepare for a rewarding career. Because every aspect of this firm is to gear up students future success. This is particularly important when studying in another country. Unfamiliar surroundings and pressures of much competitive learning can make study abroad very hard. This is why Nextage Quality Educational Advisors guides students with complete information on the countries where students wish to study and living standards & help them make their overseas education easy!
Thanking you for your time!
Warm regards
Dr.Muhammad Farooq

Nextage Quality Educational Advisors, attributes its success to the people who constitute it and the ever-growing customer base largely because of the referrals and strict adherence to ethical practices. To complement the confidence shown by students and their parents, we have developed a one-stop shop concept by providing counseling, admissions, visa advice and immigration services with pre and post departure arrangement all under one roof. It provides step-by-step guidance to students seeking admission in foreign Institutes. We have embarked on an ambitious plan to offer eminent services to its clients have offices in different Countries Like SWITZERLAND (Zurich city), Pakistan (Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Layyah, Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Faisalabad, Gujrat, Hyderabad, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Sukkur, Nawab Shah, Peshawar, Abbottabad, Muzaffarabad India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia(Riyadh), Dubai, Ghana (Accra, Kumasi), Zambia, Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja) and Nepal managed by highly trained, skilled and professional individuals.
We would be pleased to offer you the following services as one of our represented Institute:
 Production of market specific promotional material.
 Adverts, editorials in the national dailies and education related magazines.
 Visits to selected local feeder institutions including English Medium Schools, local Colleges and Universities.
 Deliver seminars.
 Interview individual students.
 Attend Educational Fairs / Exhibitions.
 Handle and respond to inquiries.
 Filter out unsuitable students.
 Work closely with agencies such as British Council, Government Ministries, Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions.
 Provide regular feedback on the market trends, changes and intelligence that may be of benefit to the Institutes.
 It provides step-by-step guidance to Individuals seeking prosperous career.
Nextage Quality Educational Advisors only wants to represents recognized institutes and provides first-hand information to prospective students about student life and education system all around the globe. It has an extensive experience to communicate with interested students in Universities and Colleges, giving them perfect pathway for career establishment.

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The main objective is to provide a formal and authorized link between international education enterprises, national institutions and students planning to study abroad. Our primary goal is to ensure those students who are planning to study abroad are given professional advice and information on the various requirements and procedures in a systematic manner in processing their applications for admission.

To support and coordinate education promotions through seminars and exhibitions, marketing and recruitment activities. Communicating the needs and visions of our clients in a well-managed and quality assured manner for the realization of the full scope of marketing objectives.

Education world wide faces the challenge of changing demands and opportunities within the increasing movement of student seeking international qualifications of repute accepted in the global market. In order to achieve our aims we operate a full time Education Counseling Service.

Planning is the most important factor for education and career development at all levels, to become dynamic and successful to identify long term issues and to assess their impact on future goals.

It is therefore important to ensure that students have access to a professional channel of communications, to choose and plan their education and career needs wisely and implement decisions about their future in a well-planned manner to ensure output value of their time and parent's investments.

Nextage Quality Educational Advisors ensures that students are equipped to cope with changes to acquire the correct skills and knowledge in order to continue their learning and observation skills throughout their lives. To develop positive attitudes that creates individual and collective commitment to standards of perfection and excellence.

Nextage Quality Educational Advisors ensures the quality of knowledge and skills of students. Our basic aim to provide quality educational consultancy to students and help them in the process of admission in top ranking universities of the world.

Nextage Quality Educational Advisors (Pvt) Ltd.

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